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by babyjaws

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Pulsatilla is made from the Windflower that grows in sunny meadows, pastures, and fields. It is generally chosen because it acts so well on ailments of an emotional nature. The remedy is typically suited for mild, gentle, and timid girls with blonde hair and blue eyes. Pulsatilla girls are generally frail, sympathetic, sad, weepy, sensitive, depressed, anxious, and change viewpoints easily, like the winds changing the direction of the Windflower.

The pulsatilla girl desires affection and the company of others, and is often fearful of being alone, of the dark, or in a crowd. She may be filled with remorse or despair and may be suicidal. She cries easily and is not afraid to show her emotions.

A typical indication of the pulsatilla girl lies in her erratic emotional and physical behavior. Her moods are always changing: one minute she may be happy, the next may find her crying. The stems of the Wildflowers bend in the strong winds, but never break.


released July 22, 2010

Recorded in London & Oslo.
Music & Production by: Anton Jawdokimov
vocals by: Viktoria Winge
Guitars by: Chris Compton / Dag Arne Abrahamsen
Harmonica: Tore Bereczky
Extra credits to: Eva Maria, Shamyl Jawdokimov, Thierry Beyeler,


all rights reserved



babyjaws Nesoddtangen, Norway

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Track Name: She's in a Dream
Shes a lady, in her own little story.
shes alone, no no no, not in her dreams.
In her dreams, shes a beautiful queen.
its just a dream.
her world is perfect, no no no its just her story.
its just a dream...
Track Name: Love Song no.9
Thats why I love you, the way I do.
Thats why I love you.....
your a lunatic baby...
thats why I love you, the way I do.
Track Name: Streams
We are walking upstairs, but we dont know where they're going, dont even know what we're knowing.
Walking and walking for years, but we dont know where we're goin, dont even know what we're knowin.
we're searching for clues to life, but we dont know where they're goin, dont even know what we're knowin.....
Streams seems to me, to be O.K, dont know where they're flowin.
Streams, seems to save my day, doesnt matter where they're goin.
Buried in the voice of other peoples choice, you think are so great, you take it as an advice to give up.
Driven by the beat of other peoples feet that are tapping on the street, you walk while your having a nap.
tip tap tip tap.
Track Name: Love Attack
Think I'm running out energy again.
each time I try to meet you as a friend.
Put my feelings in a bag and then I hide away.
Try to hold back when all I wanna do is attack you.
Attack you....
I wanna attack you....
mumble mumble (your guess is as good as mine here)
Running out of energy, again.
Put my feelings in a back pack that I take away.
Maybe you just wanna be my friend.
Track Name: Nothings Gonna Last
Oh, weary little boy, why do you run away? you cant escape this world.
now now now, time is flowing fast, enjoy what you have, nothings gonna last.
I close my eyes, then I feel the world , breathe.
Close my eyes, then I feel the world.
Close my eyes, breathe.
Nothings gonna last
Now now now, time is flowing fast, enjoy what you have, nothings gonna last
life, wont happen in a day now,
let yourself slip away now
away now.....
I close my eyes
and I feel the world.
Track Name: In the End
I need a lesson to drive my life, so I can know when to look out for, my red lights.
So I can stop and let people pass by, wait until it is, my turn to ride.
Oh well I'll get there in the end.
Life wont happen in a day, sit back, enjoy the journey,
Let your children out to play, trust that life knows more than you.
Stop and talk to the mellow old man, he's watching a world of, traffic jams.
Spends his days sitting on his, roundabout, figuring out what his life is all about.
Oh well he'll get there in the end.
Life wont happen in a day, sit back enjoy the journey,
Let your children out to play.
Trust that life knows more than you.

What if everyone just left their cars, laid down on the ground to watch the stars.
Remember every little thing we miss, that life is beautiful with a, bit of stillness.
Lets hope we get there in the end...
Track Name: Hotel Serenité
duah, duh du duh du duh du duh da duh.. etc

Hey, clever boyeee, clever boyeee, clever boyeeeeeee
Right now, right now, lets let go.......
Wine, just a tool so we can be what we'd want to be.

duha du duh etc.
Track Name: Electric Peach
Can it be true, Electric peach, Wrapped around you...
Why are you here, elastical all of the way...
Falling lightly, while we decide...
Catching snowflakes, while stars collide...
Call it a long shot, billions to one...
how you and I can capture, these sounds from the sun...
Fade away, away like the night into day...
gently now, you can no longer feel...
Seperate from the wind....
Track Name: Cold Nights
Cold nights, snow is falling.
Cold ice, snow is falling.

Until the dawn of day, you talk to me.
take me for a walk, in your mind.
Down to a lake of ice, inside of you.
You break it up, no more disguise.
Change that you make, you cannot take because you lose your inner eye.
your thoughts, your million thoughts,captured in a sigh.

Cold nights......
Track Name: All for You
If you are my eyes, then how can I see.
what I'm supposed to be without you.
what I'm supposed to do.
what I'm supposed to be without you.
How can it be that I'm lost.
In this jungle of emotions.
When I know that what I feel for you,
is as solid as steel for you.

All for you.
but you dont know, no no.
All for you.
But you dont know..
You dont know.....

If you are my eyes, then how can it be.
that I'm locking myself up.
where I dance in a dream with you.

All for you.....
Track Name: Calling You
Calling from earth now.
Calling for you somehow.
emergency down here.
Your lost in your own atmosphere.
Cant you see....
Track Name: Pulsatilla
I know thats not the way to talk to you.
But I know of nothing else to say.
Although I wish I could break my back tonight, let it overlap and lighten up.
Hold me though dont wanna feel.
Love me, like you used to..
but if you go away, I'll be sad...
And if you away, I'll be damned....
Although I cant hear this hearts that beating.
Over your head I see a silver sky..
rain clouds are filling up with tears again.
I dont wanna feel this cold, so hold my hand.
Rosy perfume in my hair.
getting closer, do you dare to.
Love me, though you dont wanna know.
Hold me, like you used to
Love me, though you dont wanna feel.
Love me, like you used to.....
Track Name: Never too Late
its never too late to turn, lighten up,
Its never too late to turn, its never too late to turn.